The Newest Blogger-LC

Hello Blog World!! Here’s my first official blog post to tell you a little about myself and what my blog is all about…

I’m a small town girl who’s always gone by the name Lindsey Pate, or LP, until this past October when I became Mrs. Lindsey Carlisle–so now I’m LC! I am a math teacher, who is also finishing up a Master’s Degree (hurry up May!). I’m a newlywed who is completely blessed with a loving, selfless, silly, and devout Christian husband who does absolutely anything he can to make me happy. (Married life really is all it’s made out to be–and MORE!) I’m a health food and workout junkie; I love crafting and decorating, and being outdoors is a definite favorite of mine.  I’m a total girly-girl with a sports-loving side like no other! (By the husband is also starting a sport blog, so go check him out! ) I am a complete people-person! I LOVE people–being around people, helping people, and learning from people.  Family is at the top of the list of important things to me. I am more than blessed with a wonderful family, and I wouldn’t trade them or our time together for anything! Traveling is a huge passion of mine…What better way to be in awe of God’s beauty than to see the wonderful masterpiece He created. So enough about me, now about the blog…

Life and Laughter with LC—what could this be? Just a simple blog about life, of course, and anything and everything that can bring joy, laughter, happiness, and love to you. Here’s a few of the topics that are important parts of my life and passionate to me…

Crafting & Decorating | Food & Recipes | Fashion | Holiday Ideas | Party Themes | Fitness & Workout Tid-Bits| Inspiration | Religious Encouragement | Family

I’m so excited about this new “blog-life” journey that I get to share with you and hope that someway, somehow my posts can bring a little happiness and smile your way!

Love Always — LC


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