Blessings, Timing, and Faith

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As I lie in bed last night and my husband started drifting asleep–along with the leg shake and deep, very deep breathing–I began to think to myself “How did I ever get to lucky to find this man, to marry him, and now get to start and end each day with him right by my side…?” Yes, my husband is a very loud breather at night and yes, there are occasional snores that come from his side of the bed; and while many would think of this as a frustration, and yes I , too, have sometimes become frustrated in the middle of the night, I have began to realize what a blessing it is to hear that sound in the middle of the night..  How lucky am I to get to have my best friend by my side, through thick & thin, from now until forever? It is the biggest blessing I have ever received, and I am forever grateful that God chose me to be the lucky lady to live this life.

If you know me, then you know I am an absolute sucker for a sweet love story, and I am in absolute awe of the love story God chose for my life. Of course I may be a little bias, but I think our love story is pretty amazing. It is full of God’s perfect timing, God’s grace, and His blessings far more than we deserve.  This story is one I cannot wait to share with children and grandchildren, and if you know us or helped to celebrate our special wedding day then you too have heard of how God’s timing and patience brought us together into a relationship that I could only have dreamed of.

While Ben and I don’t know what the future holds and are uncertain of where life may take us, we know without a doubt that God has a perfect plan for our life; and while we may not know exactly why we have been placed in Ruston to start this life together, we know it fits perfectly with His plan, and there is a perfect reason for our being here.  We are beyond blessed and so thankful for where we are today, and we feel certain that we have been placed here to share our love with others, to help provide for others, and to lift others up and encourage them any and every chance we get.

When the uncertainty of the future starts to grab hold of my mind and thoughts, I have to remind myself that the future has already been taken care of.  Just as when I dreamed of my husband and of getting married as a little girl, God’s plan was already made; and the same is true today.  I remind myself to focus on the moment and to enjoy our blessings and share them with others.  While I may would sometimes like to plan out my life, I know that His plan is far better than anything I could imagine on my own.  At only 23, I have already seen that in many ways, but most of all in my marriage.  I could not have dreamed of a better man to walk through life with, to love me unconditionally, to encourage me to chase my dreams, but most importantly to strengthen my walk with The Lord.  Remember to always have faith that everything is in God’s control and that His plan for our lives will take us further than we could ever dream on our own.

Love Always — LC


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