The Most Wonderful (Busiest) Time of the Year

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As I begin writing this post, it hits me that this holiday season is coming to an end. The holiday season has always been my favorite time of year! To me, the holidays mean there is a constant supply of quality family and friend time, which is one of the most important and favorite things of mine.  While the holiday season is usually a crazy-busy time, this year it took “busy” to a whole new level.  For Ben and I, this busy time began in August and lasted throughout the holiday season.  Even though we may have been busier than we ever thought possible, these past few months have been the best months of our lives.  From a constant supply of showers, weddings, and events (our own & those of our wonderful friends who also got married this fall), to traveling, work, and sporting events our world has been moving at a rocket-fast speed, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.  While I look back on this time, I can truly see how blessed I am and how much love has been poured into our lives.

This holiday season has been different from those in the past, but it certainly has been wonderful.  Ben and I were able to decorate OUR house together and decorate OUR Christmas tree for the first time…yes, I LOVE married life incase you were wondering. We threw Christmas parties at our house with some of our closest friends.  We were able to attend countless family get-togethers for both sides of our family; each of those being such huge reminders of how lucky I am to have grown up with such wonderful role models and Godly examples in my life, and now to have gained an additional family that is more loving, encouraging, and supportive than I could even begin to explain.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is the traditions that continue from year to year, and the many new traditions Ben and I were able to begin this year.  While we may only be a family of two at the moment (or three counting Tuck), we wanted to start traditions that would continue when we have children and as they grow older.  Family traditions are so meaningful to me, and I cannot wait to continue our traditions each year.  And while you may be thinking, “Oh man, I bet Ben really loved making traditions”, he really was a trooper….and what may be the best tradition of them all, is the one He (yes Ben) started himself.  My favorite Christmas present was the beginning of a tradition Ben (and maybe a little help from my mom) started this year on Christmas Eve (I am just such a lucky girl–sorry I brag on my husband so much, but he deserves the credit), and I cannot wait to continue this tradition each and every year.

As this holiday season comes to an end, I can’t help but think of how wonderful this past year has been; 2014 holds many of the best memories of my life, and I am so very blessed at where this year has taken me.  While 2014 may have been totally and completely awesome, I have a feeling that 2015 will be just as wonderful…or maybe even more!! Here’s to hoping your holiday season was full of LOTS of love, laughter, and memories!!

Love Always — LC

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