This is |YOUR| Year

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It’s been 2015 for a WHOLE week…still kinda crazy to believe isn’t it?! In this short week, some “New Year” resolutions have already been broken, some completely forgotten about, and some were never even made in the first place. But instead of making these resolutions that have about a 1% success rate, what if we decided to make REAL changes, lifestyle changes, changes to better US as individuals and those around us?? How many times have you said “I’ll just wait until tomorrow” or “Tomorrow I’ll start”? How about you QUIT WAITING for tomorrow and start making some positive lifestyle changes TODAY! Why wait any longer? I mean who even knows how much “longer” there really is?  Make this YOUR year, and here are a few ways that can maybe help!


You have to realize that you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. You HAVE to tell people “No” sometimes. Don’t overload yourself; don’t commit yourself to something that will make you miserable; don’t give in to others’ and their demands if they are not in your best interest. It’s OKAY—Trust me!


Procrastinating should be totally my middle name, but changing this is one of my top goals. It’s like why put it off, and put it off some more, and keeeeeep putting it off? My outlook on it now is to get it done right away, and then you don’t even have to worry about it later….or in my case forget about it all together. The task may not be fun (at all) and it may be difficult, but it’s going to have to be done at some point right?! So let’s get it done, relax, and maybe even celebrate!


You know the saying “You are your biggest critique”…well give yourself a break. You are beautiful & amazing, and it’s time to give yourself a little credit! It’s so easy to sit here and compare ourselves to people we follow on social media, people on TV, and even our friends…but it’s time to QUIT! Quit comparing yourself to other people, quit comparing your relationship to others’ relationships, and quit comparing your life to some “perfect” pictures you see of others’ lives. Instead take a second to realize how wonderful you are and how wonderful your life really is!

4. GO AFTER IT (Whatever “IT” may be for you)

What good is a dream if you’re too afraid/too busy to go after it?! Take that goal of yours and GO FOR IT!! Give it all you have and watch how it can completely change your life. It’s so easy to say “I’m not ready yet”, “The timing isn’t right”, “The resources just aren’t quite there yet”…well you know what you may never be 100% ready, and the timing may never be completely perfect, and the resources (whether that be financial or physical means) may never be as plentiful as you would like but why let that hold you back? If this is YOUR dream, then give it a shot!!

5. ENJOY EVERY SECOND—Yes, every SINGLE second

This is life right? Well then that’s a guarantee that everything will not always go as we plan or hope, but that is OKAY!! Instead of dwelling on something that isn’t going as planned, look at all the positives that are happening. Sometimes we all just feel stuck, or overwhelmed, or maybe even sort of helpless from time to time right? It’s bound to happen every now and then, but the second it does just stop for a second and look at the positive things happening in your life and the positive things surrounding you. It’ll make that overwhelming feeling suddenly feel a lot LESS overwhelming! After all, we aren’t sure how many seconds we have in this lifetime, so let’s make the most of each and every one of them. This is YOUR life—your ONE life—so ENJOY IT!!!


Take a second and look at your life—look at everything in your life. Can you not say that you are absolutely blessed beyond measure?! We are so unbelievably blessed and take so many things for granted, but we really do live a pretty AMAZING life, don’t we?! I mean look at how many things God has given us during our lifetime, many things that we are totally undeserving of but yet we still get the opportunity to have in our life. I think that if we could take even just a few minutes each morning to realize the many blessings in our life and look at how truly lucky we are to have all that we do, we would be much slower to complain, to wish for those unneeded materialistic things, and to waste our precious time not living to the fullest and making the most of each moment…How about you give it try in the morning and see how different your day is (in an awesome way).

So here’s to 2015—make it the BEST year yet—it’s YOUR YEAR!

Love Always — LC


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