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Hello Lovely! It’s been too long (much, much too long)… Time has not been my friend the past couple of months, but everything should be slowing down a bit!  While sometimes life seems to be going 100 miles per hour and there never seems to be enough hours in a day, I think those times can be some of the most eye opening times.  Some times it takes us running around like crazy with a mile-long “to-do” list to take a step back, look at our life, and prioritize the things that are important and the things that aren’t so much.  It’s so easy to get so caught up in checking everything off of our to-do list, and instead of spending time focusing on the meaningful things, we hurry through them just so we can mark them off the list and move onto the next thing.  While I am a huge, huge, huge fan of making lists (I make lists for literally everything because 1. it helps keep me organized and 2. I have quite possibly the worst memory in the world and would forget everything if i didn’t!) it is important to remember that everything simply cannot be done or accomplished in a day, and it really is okay to put some things off until the next day.  So whether you’re the person who hits the floor running in the morning or the person who strolls through life without a care in a world, it just might be beneficial to take a second to see if your day-to-day schedule is how YOU WANT it to be.  After all this is your life, and you are the one in charge of it.  Don’t get too caught up in the world that you forget to enjoy it.  It’s never too late to make those changes that can make a world of difference to your happiness.  We all have priorities in life and things that are extremely important to us, so make sure the things you “value” in life are the things consuming your valuable time…

Love Always, LC


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