Bloguettes Workshop–Dallas

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Two weeks ago (March 28-29), I attended the Bloguettes workshop in Dallas, Texas, and it was such a wonderful experience! This two-day workshop was about so much more than JUST blogging! While I did learn about blogging, I also learned so much valuable information about branding, starting my own business, photography, and Photoshop. Let me tell you, Photoshop just may be the neatest thing ever.  There are an endless number of things you can do with this program, and I honestly don’t think I could ever learn everything about it.  If you have any neat/helpful tricks for Photoshop, send them my way!

While I learned so many new things at the workshop, the most important thing I took away from this was new relationships with some amazing ladies! These ladies were so inspiring and genuine, not to mention sweeter than could be. How about I just introduce you to them…

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Thank The Lord for his sweet blessings, because I just so happened to share a table with these three ladies all weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to fellowship with those two days. On the left is Esther Huynh–the very first person I met, and a girl with a heart of gold! She is such an amazingly talented photographer in the Dallas area–go check her out! On the right of me is Becka Clark. Words cannot even describe how absolutely amazing this lady is! She is the owner of Kiki LaRue Boutique and has such an amazing story! Soon, there should be a blog post coming about her, her story, her boutique, and a little preview of her super cute clothes, shoes, and accessories! On the far right, meet Sarah Johns–Owner of Pink Paisley Events– and more about her next!

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^(Photo by Esther Huynh)^

Here Sarah and I are again.  This girl is simply amazing!! It kinda, sorta, really breaks my heart that she lives all the way in Colorado. I just couldn’t get enough of her! Sarah started her own wedding planning and florist business two years ago called Pink Paisley Events (you should check her out on Instagram; I think you’d love her work). Now she is in the process of starting her own two-day workshop called Something Styled.  These two-day workshops are designed for seasoned and aspiring event professionals to curate community through creativity. Totally impressive, right?! Best of luck with that Sarah, and please come visit the South again soon!

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THIS GIRL–She probably doesn’t even need an introduction, as I’m sure most of you know who she is. But yes, I was lucky enough to be able to meet Katey McFarlan–the girl behind Chronicles of Frivolty.  It may be hard to believe, but she is even sweeter in person than she seems on her blog.  If you haven’t already, check her out on Instagram and on her blog-Chronicles Of Frivolity!

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These two girls–Sakura Considine who is one of the co-founders of Bloguettes and Candace Kim who works for Bloguettes–were the brains behind these two days. They were so helpful (especially to inexperienced Photoshop-ers like myself) and delivered such valuable and useful information!

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I couldn’t have loved my first workshop experience anymore than I did, and to think that I almost didn’t sign up to attend! If you know me, you know I am totally down for anything if I have a sidekick with me! (Yes, I mean anything! I’d even swim with sharks or go skydiving if I had a “sidekick” with me..ha!) But I finally told myself to just do it! I knew how much I wanted to attend and knew I’d be disappointed if I missed out on such a wonderful event. Now, I can’t wait to attend more workshops! Do any of you have workshops you recommend or have attended and loved? If so, let me know! I’d love to give them a try! So here’s to stepping out of my comfort zone, and trying something new all by myself! Maybe I’ll start doing that more often…and maybe you should too!

Love Always — LC

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