SURPRISE!! We’re going to CHICAGO!


One of my absolute favorite things in this world is SURPRISES! And while I love receiving surprises, what I love even more is giving them.

So I had been planning this surprise for several months, and it was so hard to keep it a secret! At first the plan was just to surprise Ben with a trip of his choice, but then I thought to myself “Who are you kidding? We are totally going to Chicago! No doubt Ben is going to choose Chicago!” So then I was able to make this surprise WAY more fun..well way more fun for me at least!

I can’t even tell you how many times I wanted to tell Ben, but I wanted it to be special.  I had decided I would surprise him on our 6 month anniversary, and was I just going to simply tell him “Hey, guess what? We’re going to Chicago!”? Oh no! Of course, I wanted to make this surprise like no other!

I decided I would make this surprise like a scavenger hunt. Ben would have a clue leading from place to place, and at each place there be would one of the letters that would spell out the word “CHICAGO”. So I traced, cut out, and painted each letter, came up with all of the different clues, and got everything “envelope ready”!

**And THIS is how our little surprise/scavenger hunt went**

2015-04-11 10.59.05

ATTENTION RUSTON: We’re on the lookout for letters matching this “?”


One of My Favorite Things–Watching You Play the Game You Love #37

[Incase you didn’t know, Ben played baseball at LA Tech, so this first clue took us to J.C. Love Field]

[The Letter “A”]


CLUE # 2

The second clue led us to the street where we bought our first home together and call home.

[The Letter “I”]



Clue #3 took us to the business building…you know the place where I took those business classes that I never ended up using. Ha!

[P.S. Everything Happens For A Reason: I wasted those college classes/endless hours all so I could meet my future husband—Totally Worth It!!]

[The Letter “C”]



The fourth clue read “NO PLACE I’D RATHER START OUR WEEK THAN BY EACH OTHER’S SIDE WORSHIPPING THE LORD.” Our faith and trust in The Lord has been such a vital part of our relationship since the beginning and has helped us to grow together as a couple. We are so blessed to get to walk through this life together.

[The Letter “O”]



If you know us, you know we love Tech, and we love sports, and we especially love watching the Dunkin’ Dawgs! Clue #5 took us to the Thomas Assembly Center (TAC).

[The Letter “C”]



I love being outdoors, and I love exercising! And I always loved being able to drag Ben to Hideaway Park with me so many times while we were dating! (And yes, sometimes I literally had to drag him there because he wasn’t quite as big of a fan of the hills as I was. Ha!)

[The Letter “H”]



For the last clue, we ended up at The Bridge Downtown Campus. This place-where we would spend our Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights-was so important to helping our relationship grow.

[The Letter “G”]


Our Chicago trip is almost here, and I am absolutely ecstatic! I can’t wait to tell you all about our trip and share our fun times with you soon! Any place in Chicago you recommend us visiting while we’re there? I’d love to hear all about Chicago from YOU!

Love Always — LC



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