Why Cleanse? [ADVOCARE Cleanse]


Do you know how IMPORTANT it is to give your body a cleanse?!

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are–It doesn’t matter if you’re in the best shape or worst shape of your life–Giving your body a cleanse is crucial for your overall wellness and health!

And do you know what’s so awesome about the cleanse?? It’s super EASY and super AFFORDABLE!! What could be better, right?!

Many of us really don’t know the importance of a cleanse and why it is so beneficial to our overall wellness and health, and you know what–that is totally okay! I’m going to give you a brief overview of WHAT the cleanse is and WHY it is important for our bodies—You Ready?

WHAT is the Cleanse?

The cleanse is a 10-day system that helps rid your body of waste and prepares your body for optimal nutrient absorption. Without a cleanse your body cannot fully absorb and use the nutrients and products you’re putting into body, then you won’t see the best results.

WHY is this important?

Without a cleanse, your body is full of toxins and other substances that prohibit our body from absorbing the proper nutrients our body needs. Your body NEEDS a cleanse to function properly and receive nutrients and supplements with their maximum benefits.  If we don’t clean out our body, waste products and toxins accumulate in our bodies and can poorly affect our health.

HOW will I feel after the cleanse?

[First off, before the 10 days are even over, you’ll already be feeling the great effects!] But here are some key results many people will achieve through a cleanse:

  • Enhanced Energy
  • Better Quality of Sleep
  • Improved Overall Feeling of Wellness
  • Enhanced Bodily Functions and Overall Immunity
  • Weight-Loss

I would love to help YOU and YOUR FAMILY with these easy, small steps to becoming healthier and enjoying life to the fullest!

Buy your cleanse HERE! or email me at Lindseypatecarlisle@gmail.com

Love Always — LC


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