Sunday Ritual + Rain

Rain, Rain,  Go Away  You are Welcome to Stay!!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen any rain falling from the sky here in Louisiana, but we’re definitely getting our fair share of it this weekend!

Sunday’s are definitely one of my favorite days of the week, as I’m sure many of y’all would agree! In our house, Sunday’s are pretty similar from week to week–but don’t misconstrue this week-to-week similarity with being mundane. Our Sunday “ritual”, as I like to call it, literally breathes that fresh, new air that helps me to look at the week ahead and is the foundation I so desperately need to start off the week.

Sounds like some pretty high expectations I set for Sunday’s, doesn’t it?! Well, the most important part of it all starts in the morning…9:15 AM to be exact. Yes, that is when the early service at The Bridge starts, and it is one of the most essential and absolute best parts of my entire week!

What do we do after church? Head to Super 1 for our weekly grocery shopping, obviously!! This trip usually consists of spending most of our time in the fruits/veggie and yogurt sections, stopping by the cake/brownie mix aisle (for my sweet 4th graders and teacher friends, of course), and whatever not-so-healthy option Ben can swing by and sneak into the buggy! And then we’re back to the house for the remainder of the day, with the groceries all unloaded before it’s even 11 AM, and we still have the whole day ahead of us to do whatever we please! Sunday afternoons are so very important and that time is extremely valuable to me!

At some point during the day, I fix my breakfasts, lunches, and fruits for the week–yes, I kind of like to meal prep…just a little bit. It saves so much time during the week! And what is the rest of the day filled with?.. Probably– well not probably but definitely watching sports (if you know Ben, you understand ha!), some singing & dancing around the living room, and just anything & everything we want to do, and that is what I absolutely love! Today’s rainy weather has called for lots of snuggles, and I am definitely not complaining about that!

What are your Sunday or day-to-day rituals/routines?

Hope your Sundays are filled with just as much happiness, laughter, and relaxation!

Love Always — LC



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