One Year Down. Forever To Go.

It’s crazy to believe that a month ago Ben and I were celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! [I guess we’re officially an old married couple now..ha!] Our little weekend was extra special, & I wanted to share it with you all!!


We started the weekend with a little trip to Shreveport.. When the hubby suggests to get pedicures, you quickly agree and enjoy every second of it!



It’s safe to say Ben thoroughly enjoyed himself…Maybe that means he’ll go with me again! After, we headed to our fancy shmancy Anniversary Dinner at Superior Steakhouse.  Superior was oh so good to us, and the staff treated us like we were some fancy celebs! They even gave us a special anniversary cheesecake!




[[ Cheesecake Destroyed! ]]

The ACTUAL Anniversary Day

Our actual anniversary, Sunday, October 11, was none too shabby either! Ben and I had decided to not do presents this year, but I should have known that he agreed to “no presents” a little too easily and a little too quickly… The day immediately started with Ben bringing me a gift–a gift that he wrapped all by himself, which made it even that much better. [He usually gets his sister to wrap my presents, but I loved the not-so-perfectly wrapped present that he did ALL by himself!]


Is that not the CUTEST wrapped present you’ve ever seen?! Inside this large box, which was used to not give me any hints as to what the present was, was another band to match my wedding band!! [OH MY GOSH–LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!]


And we could not possibly end the day without a little “anniversary photo shoot” and our top layer of wedding cake right?! Photo creds all go to Mama, & for all you newlyweds, year old wedding cake really is tasty!







oneyear5 oneyear6 oneyear7

Our first wedding anniversary was so special and one I will always remember! Married life is the just sweetest thing, and I realize more and more each day how truly lucky I am to get to call this guy “my husband”. Here’s to an amazing first year of marriage!

Love Always — LC


One thought on “One Year Down. Forever To Go.

  1. Not ALL year old wedding cake is tasty…. Yours must have been special or something. My top tier for our 1st anniversary was most definitely not tasty!!! I’m glad yours was!


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